yearbook yourself.

i was procrastinating last night. i had to write a paper for one of my classes and i was doing everything under the sun to not start it. bad taber.

anyhow, i thought i would share my distraction with you. it's pretty hilarious actually. i learned of a website called yearbook yourself. it's the perfect way to waste some time and have a good laugh. here are a few of my results:

have a fabulous weekend!



i really should be working right now (shhh), but i can't stop looking at this diy project from one pretty thing, this new blog that i discovered from thistle downs wool design. it's a tutorial on how to decoupage bangle bracelets. i love it! i must find time to make a few of these very soon. do not be surprised if you (my dear friends and family) receive one for christmas.

photo from one pretty thing.



so i started graduate school two weeks ago, and my life is so chaotic. more so than i had ever imagined.

i spend many nights at my kitchen table reading and writing instead of cooking and eating. maybe i'll get back to that when i'm done with this program two years from now. until then my kitchen has been transformed into my own classroom.

one of the requirements for my intro class is to blog. so i have started a new blog, organized chaos (the title is so appropriate for how i feel right now in my life - juggling work, school, family and friends), where i will post several times a week on topics related to my master's program in interactive communications. i'll do my best to post here on cafe taber when i can - when i need a break from writing about the fathers of interactive technologies or about writing for the web. but if you are interested in reading about what i'm learning, i invite you to navigate over to my new blog.



i received the sweetest email from my boyfriend this morning with the following picture attached.

"you are as pretty as a rainbow."

he took this picture the other day after a rain storm. a few minutes afterwards, a second rainbow appeared above the first one.

i feel blessed.