yoga girl.

a little creation of mine...

i'm learning adobe flash this semester in my master's program. it's a lot harder than i had imagined. here's a sneak preview of one of my yoga girl stick figures. i'm thinking this might become a series for something...notecards? t-shirts? we shall see...


yoga with izzy.

i've been on a yoga hiatus simply due to my knee diagnosis, which i will not bore you with here. but that didn't stop me from working on my home practice a little. i'm trying to keep as active as possible. however, i had a slight interruption...or two from my "roommate," izzy, who was very interested in taking part in the festivities...

...i got a little yoga in that evening and needless to say so did izzy!


finding balance.

every now and then go away,
have a little relaxation,
for when you come back to your work,
your judgment will be surer;
since to remain constantly at work
will cause you to lose power of judgment...
go some distance away
because the work appears smaller
and more of it can be taken in at a glance,
and a lack of harmony or proportion is more readily seen.

-- leonardo da vinci (1452-1519)


chicago :: four

the last night we were in chicago, we met some friends of mine from college for dinner at shaw's crab house - yum!! who would think you could find good seafood in chicago??

to digest our meals and end our evening right with a night cap, we headed just a few doors down from shaw's to andy's jazz club where we sat right up front at a quaint little table and listened to a great jazz band!!



a Q&A with p.j., my cousin's three-year old son, while he was eating his lunch.

:: august 24, 2009 ::

Q :: who is your best friend, p.j.?


Q :: what is your favorite color?


Q :: what is your favorite cartoon?

the einsteins!!

Q :: airplane or train?

airplane to go home. train to stephy's. and car to my house in california!

Q :: what is your favorite food, p.j.?

p.j. gets out of chair and runs away...

may god bless three-year olds!!

chicago :: three

chicago is just oozing with some of the most amazing art and architecture that i have ever seen.

just walk around the city and one can see some of the most beautiful and world reknown sculptures without having to enter a museum.

i saw the flamingo sculpture by alexander calder, located in federal plaza on s. dearborn street, which you may remember seeing in ferris bueller's day off.

and then the pablo picasso sculpture (untitled), located in daley plaza in the chicago loop. visitors to the sculpture can often be found sliding down the sculpture (eh em...as my boyfriend did so gracefully with a few children - see video below).

in addition to the art that exists throughout the streets of chicago, there is also the art institute of chicago that is must-see for anyone visiting the windy city.

unfortunately, we didn't have a whole lot of time to spend at the institute, just a few hours. i could have spent the week there admiring all of the different periods of artwork throughout the building, which i might add is one of the most beautiful art museums that i have ever been to.

another ferris bueller's day off reference. remember the scene when they are admiring the seurat? well, i did the same! that's me below marveling at all of those tiny little dots that make up this gorgeous masterpiece!