florida farmer's market.

i'm down visiting the 'rents in st. augustine this memorial day weekend. despite the rainy weather, we made it to the farmer's market on saturday. there were a variety of local farmers and artists selling their goods. i stopped at this vendor's tent, pockets of sage, and purchased a few of her items. but i can't show them just yet as one is for a friend who may see it here first before i return.



my new roommate, isabella (aka izzy).

my sister has izzy's sister, gertrude. one day they will meet again and play. but for now they will each live their lives just a few states apart.

izzy surprised me last week when i walked in from work. she was sitting so perfectly perched on my retro leather chair.


rest in peace, colby kitty.

? - may 12, 2009

we never knew what her date of her birth was. i found her on my college campus my senior year. she lived with my roommates and me for a few weeks and then off to connecticut she went to live with my mom. she lived a beautiful life as an outdoor kitty. loved the birds and the mice.

she will be missed very much. but we will all see her again when we reach rainbow bridge.

rest in peace dear, colby kitty.


greetings from granny.

in this post, i wrote about my grandmother (a.k.a. granny) turning 97 on april fool's day. :-) here is a video i took of her on that day. i brought her balloons and my cousin brought her a cake! i also took some time to give her a manicure, one her favorite things!


it's a very special day!

my good friend turned 30 today. i made this card for her using the photoshop skills i aquired this past semester. i hope she likes it!

i'm thinking i might start my own greeting card collection. stay tuned!