some of my favorite photos from this past year...looking forward to all that lies ahead in 2010.

:: my sister looking out over lake champlain ::

:: picking the most delicious organic berries in vt ::

:: going to the beach with my besties ::

:: catching a game with my love at wrigley field ::

:: eating deep dish pizza at lou malnati's in chi-town ::

:: appreciating subway directions in other cities ::

:: making loads of decoupage bracelets ::

:: celebrating thanksgiving down south ::

:: celebrating in nyc during a snow storm ::



books i'm reading...and loving!

sewing green: 25 projects made with repurposed and organic materials
by betz white


by gregor maehle

by tara frey

by the moosewood collective


and the winners are...

thank you all again for sending in your very creative and thoughtful sayings and quotes for the yoga girl giveway. it really was a tough choice. and i wish i could have chosen them all! and interestingly enough, i had a male reader request that i create a yoga dude! stay tuned for more on that...

so...here are the winning yoga girl sayings for the cobra and headstand poses.....

:: bliss begins with breath ::

:: your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens. ~ carl jung ::

i will be in touch with the winners via email. thank you all for participating! and keep checking back for more giveaways in the near future...



wooly pulleys.

before i explain what a wooly pulley is (for those of you who don't already know), i want to say how tickled i am by the number of responses that i have received for the yoga girl giveaway! you all sent in so many great sayings. i want to use them all!

for those of you who haven't submitted a response yet, you still have time. the giveaway will end midnight tonight. i'll post the winning quotes/sayings on monday night.

so you ask, "what is a wooly pulley??" well, it's obviously a knitted item as you can tell from the one i'm making below.

it's also something that is worn underneath a helmet, a helmet liner if you will. i've joined up with a few women to take part in operation helmet liner. we are knitting a bunch of these liners for the troops overseas who are subjected to sub-zero temperatures. it's actually been a pretty easy knit so far. and it's gotten me back into the knitting thing again. with school and all, i haven't had time to pick up needles in so long. it's also great to be knitting for a good cause!

i'm nearly done with the neck portion of the liner. then i'll be starting the head portion. if you are a knitter and want to make one, too, feel free to visit the operation helmet liner site to download the pattern and learn more about the project.


a new year's giveaway.

happy new year! to start off 2010 right, i thought i would offer a yoga girl giveaway!

over the past few weeks, i've been busy drawing new yoga girls poses (to be posted in the store soon!). and my intention is to include on the back of each yoga girl t-shirt, a quote that represents that particular yoga pose in some way. for example, the quotes on the back of the dancer yoga girl or the namaste yoga girl t-shirts.

so i am asking you to put your creative caps on and submit what YOU think would be the best sayings or quotes for these two poses:

headstand (adho mukha vrksasana)

cobra (bhujangasana)

submit your ideas by posting in the comment box below or via email at yogagirl@cafetaber.com

two winners will be chosen (one for each pose above) and will receive a free yoga girl t-shirt from the store!

:: the deadline is sunday, january 10 at midnight ::