i'm knee deep in work for my animation class. so forgive me if all i write about here is related to that class. i watched alice in wonderland tonight in the hopes i would be inspired for my next project for this course. i forgot how much i love this movie!

i was browsing the internet for images from the movie. loved the ones below so much that i had to share.


spiders, bats, and scary trees.

i have to create a cartoon in adobe flash for one of my grad school classes. given that halloween is upon us, i thought i would create a short cartoon promoting the 2nd annual haunted hallway at a local elementary school where my boyfriend teaches art. i'm still trying to get the hang of drawing in flash, but i was pretty pleased with the characters that i drew the other night. this class is definitely bringing out the kid in me!

the scary tree needs a little more work... i also have to finish creating the other characters.

if you're in the area (hamden, ct) this coming saturday, october 10, you should definitely check out the haunted hallway. i promise that you will be scared...