saluting the sun.


with hands in prayer i face the sun, feeling love and joy in my heart.
i reach out and let the sun fill me with warmth.
i bow before the sun's radiance and place my face to the ground in humble respect.
i lift my face to the sun and then remember, to achieve such heights,
i must be as the dust of the earth.
i stretch up toward its light trying to reach the greatest heights, and again surrender.
i stand tall as i remember the true sun is within me.


i see this poem hanging on the wall every day i walk into yogabody studio, where i practice yoga several times a week. most days i don't stop to read it line by line, but the other day i gave a copy of this poem to my sister, which is from the himalayan institute, for her to hang on her wall, and i found myself reading it, and appreciating it all over again.

the photo above is of my sister's good friend, ashley, who teaches ashtanga yoga up in vermont. when i came across this picture of her, it seemed so fitting to post along with the poem, and she so graciously accepted my request to post it here to share with you. enjoy and namaste my friends!