bangles. berries. beer.

:: more decoupage bracelet making with my lady friends. ::

:: the one with the peace sign was made for a very dear friend of mine. ::

:: then off to burlington, vermont to visit the sister for some beer tastin' and berry pickin'. ::

:: burlington brew fest 2009 ::

:: organic raspberries and blueberries are what i was pickin' at adam's berry farm. ::


summer sun...

...and sun dresses!



“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.” ― Flavia Weedn


food, inc.

i don't normally link to this kind of stuff here. but after watching the trailer to this film, you will understand why.



my guardian angel.

guardian angels...

we all have them. i believe that. mine is my great uncle bobby, pictured below. he was an amazing artist and teacher. he was obsessed with white (i think he passed that trait down to me) and painted everything in his life that color (is it really a color?). he also took such good care of all of the women in his family and brought so much laughter and love into our lives.

when i seek guidance in life and look to a higher place, i often think of him and feel him watching over me.

his birthday is today...on independence day. so today my yoga practice will be in honor of him.

happy 4th of july!



i got creative recently. i had a bunch of chunky...and not so chunky bracelets that i never wore, mainly because they were hidden in my dresser. so i put to use a black wrought iron paper towel holder. it lives on top of my dresser and now displays all of my bracelets.

just today, i added another one to the stack... a beautiful handmade mala bracelet from a dear friend and yogini of mine. well, actually, it was made by her sons. so thoughtful!


a special place.

a very special place to soak in some summer sun...

it took getting my car over some BIG puddles. But so worth it in the end.