sew-a-long, week one.

after a week away in the sunshine state visiting the 'rents for the holiday, i'm back home settling in and trying to focus on all of the things that need my attention over these next few weeks before classes end and christmas arrives, one of which is the sew-a-long that i'm taking part in via one pearl button.

our first assignment was to download the pattern of the item we're making, which is a fabulous reusable grocery bag from burdastyle, and then tape the pattern pieces together.

we also had to find a 3/4 yard of fabric for our bag (this was the fun part!) that would be durable enough yet flexible enough so this bag can easily be stashed in one's purse. so in line with this whole reuse/recycle kick i've been on lately, i decided to use fabric from some large old pillowcases that i had saved from my grandmother's house. i don't remember exactly where the fabric was originally purchased. i think it was a williamsburg print. but when we were moving her out of her house a few years ago, i couldn't bear to see these go. so i saved them.

luckily, i have three large pillowcases...enough fabric for this project in case i should need more. :-) i'm excited to see how this bag turns out. but what i'm even more excited about is to get reacquainted with my sewing machine. more soon...


what i'm wearing.

i love how one pearl button shares the details of her outfits every week. not only is she an amazing crafter, but she's got a fabulous sense of style. i especially love how she layers tights! i'll definitely try that soon...

anyhow, i thought i would join in on the fun and post the details of what i was wearing the other day. doing this sort of audit of your outfits is kind of cool.

:: scarf :: a gift from my cousin over at thistle downs wool design
:: shirt :: from the organic cotton line at wal-mart
:: skirt :: converse, courteously of target
:: leggings :: urban outfitters
:: boots :: frye purchased from rue la la
:: bracelet :: handmade decoupage bracelet, inspiration from one pearl button


a sew-a-long!

for the past few years now, i have been itching to learn how to sew. well, the time has finally come! i'll soon be pulling out my sewing machine from the closet to put it to use!

one of my very favorite bloggers, alli, over at one pearl button, has so graciously offered to her readers a sew-a-long! that's right! she's going to teach us how to sew via her blog! i'm so thrilled, yet a little nervous as to how i'm going to fit this into my already hectic schedule that is filled with work, grad school, yoga, and of course spending time with my loved ones.

but as one of my favorite manifestos states, "that which matters the most should never give way to that which matters the least." so i'll have to prioritize here to carve out the time to learn this new skill.

stay tuned for updates on my progress!

also, there are some changes a-comin' to cafe taber in the very near future. so check back soon...


a milestone...a reason to celebrate!

a dear friend celebrated a very special milestone today! so a little bubbly was in store! cheers to her!

"if you desire a glorious future, transform the present. there is actually no other choice."

~ patanjali's yoga sutras (300-200BCE), india



i recently purchased the book, 1,001 pearls of yoga wisdom, from one of my favorite stores in new haven. i carry it with me everywhere, reading a page or two when i can for inspiration. #691 resonated with me today, so i had to share here.

"yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured." ~ B.K.S. Iyengar


my diversion.

i should be doing work for grad school. but, i diverted to creating, yet another, decoupage bracelet, for a dear friend of mine who is moving to arizona this week.

i caught myself staring at the HUGE stack of magazines that i save for these bracelets that i love making so much in my kitchen. so i was forced :-) to take a break from my studies to be crafty for a bit.

(notice the beginning of a new collection of mine in the background...oil lanterns. i love them!)

now, that i've mastered the art of making these fabulous, eco-friendly items, it was a quick, and easy thing to create.

the bracelet in the picture above is one i made recently for myself. if i had it my way, i'd have a million of these to wear! i just think they are so stylish and such a great way to reuse/recycle old magazines that you have laying around.

i hope my girlfriend likes the one i made for her...i'll post pictures when it's done...and dry!