i love white. i love white. i love white. did you know that i love white? seriously, i really do love and appreciate the color white. from white furniture to white jeans to white towels to white candles. i love to surround myself (as much as I can) with white. one day i want to have an all white room in my house. now whether that actually comes to fruition is another question. nonetheless, it's fun to imagine what the room would look like.

anyhow, i was reading the latest issue of women's health magazine today and was delighted to find an article entitled, reasons to wear white. so in support of my passion for white, i wanted to share the reasons right here on my blog and invite you all to incorporate a little bit of white into your lives.

:: reasons to wear white ::

1 :: what better way than to show off your curves?

2 :: it toes the line between sultry and sweet

3 :: it's hard to screw up

4 :: it gives instant polish

5 :: it's like having your own personal spotlight

and the best reason of all...

6 :: because black is for wusses!



you're probably wondering why i titled this post "mock-doc-gock." well, let me explain.

you see when my sister (pictured below) and i were little, we could never understand what our parents were saying, sort of like how all of the adult voices in charlie brown are muffled, that's how we heard our parents. we (maybe more me than my sister) wanted so badly to talk like them and have adult conversations, but we didn't know how to say the fancy words they were exchanging, never mind understand what they actually meant.

so we made up the word, mock-doc-gock. we would say it to eachother back and forth several times as though we were having a very important and mature conversation with each other, and we would laugh so hard until our bellies hurt. oh, to be a kid again...

p.s. the image above is of my sister when she was wee-little, before i was even a thought in my parents mind.


one pearl button.

one of my favorite bloggers, one pearl button, is celebrating her one-year anniversary of blogging! she is the brainchild behind those decoupage bracelets that i wrote about a few weeks ago. check our her blog...


no. i'm not pregnant! but last night i had a dream that i was. so i looked up it's meaning...

"To dream that you are pregnant, symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing. You may not be ready to talk about it or act on it. This may also represent the birth of a new idea, direction, project or goal."

-- from dreammoods.com

how exciting!



this is the lululemon manifesto. so inspirational...it's now on my fridge.



this is what i wish for...next week. i'm riding on a roller coaster lately. so many ups and downs with work, school, and life. i know that the ride will end before i know it and i will want to be back on it. :-) but for now, i really wish to enjoy some peace and quiet, some stillness. where and when i will find that, who knows. but i will.

last night, i was finishing up another project for my visual aesthetics class. i thought this class was going to be less stressful and more fun than my seminar class last semester, which was a lot of writing. but i'm finding that is not the case. i think part of that is due to the face that i'm both a procrastinator and a perfectionist. so i spend hours and hours on creating collages, replicas, whatever i'm assigned in class only to be dissatisfied with the end result. ok. maybe i'm really hard on myself and i need to relax a little...

anyhow, below i share with you my latest creation - a photo collage of my friend monica (you may have seen her photo in this post) who is a yoga instructor. she shared with me the saying, "know peace, know yoga. no peace, no yoga." and i love it! so i incorporated it into the collage. the images of her make up the sun salutation, which is a series of poses in yoga that warm the body and work the heart.