baby knits.

it's kind of ironic that i love to knit baby items given that i do not have children of my own. but i find so much joy and satisfaction in knitting such soft, small objects. i've been knitting for almost three years now, and most of my projects are baby-related. i've fallen in love with debbie bliss yarn as well as her patterns. this striped hat is my most recent item that i made for my friend's newborn, noah. he was the lucky little guy that got that blue debbie bliss sweater on the right, too. but the striped hat was a creation of my own...sort of. i took a debbie bliss pattern and just altered it to include the stripes. i also added the little topper to the hat. i really love the red and light blue together. i find myself liking red and blue lately. or red and turquoise.


i have more baby knits in the hopper. but i'm trying to finish another knitting project that i started (don't all knitters have a million projects going at once?). a dear friend sent me this amazing alpaca yarn and a pattern to go with it so i can knit something for myself. it's always so easy to knit for others and forget about yourself. gosh, i need to remember my affirmation card from yesterday -- self-love...self-care...



most every morning, right as i wake, i turn to the table by my bed and grab my affirmation cards. a good friend gave them to me, and they help me start off my day with some perspective on life. today i chose the card for self-love. care for your body. self-love and self-acceptance are the ultimate acts of self-care. i wonder if this is a sign that i should go to the gym tonight. ha! i know i need to work on this whole self-acceptance thing. in time...

happy birthday, papa!

i thought i would start my very first post with a tribute to my father. the rock in my life. today is his 60th birthday. the picture of him below is one of my favorites. he had the sweetest little face when he was a baby. my father is the best. always looking out for me. making sure i have enough gas. new windshield wipers. good snow tires. alerting me when bad weather is approaching so i'll stay off the roads. always thinking of other people. i talk to him most every day. even if it is just for a minute or two. i love it. this year it was hard to pick out a gift for him. usually i have no problem. i hope he likes what i got him...