happy holidays.


yoga girl.

it all started back in early september... i was working on a project for my information animation class for my master's program trying to learn all of the ins and outs of adobe flash and quickly discovered how powerful a tool it really is.

the assignment :: illustrate my name using animations of...really anything. so, naturally, i turned to yoga. as many of you know, i am very devoted to my yoga practice. in fact, more recently, i have found it to be somewhat of a religion for me. it's not just the physical practice that i have come to love so much. it's also the spiritual practice, which i am able to take with me off my mat.

so when i sat down to start drawing for this assignment, these very simple stick figures were born.

after sharing my drawings with friends and family, and receiving a lot of positive feedback on them, i was encouraged to branch out a bit and sell the design on apparel and other items.

so, with that said, i introduce you to my "Yoga Girl" shop on Zazzle. http://www.zazzle.com/taberlightfoot 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Off the Mat, Into the World, an initiative started by seane corne (one of my favorite yoginis) that i wholeheartedly support.

so if you're looking for something special to give to that yogini (or yogi) in your life, take a look at the Yoga Girl line. the quality of the apparel and products is excellent! and more Yoga Girls will be added to the shop over the next few weeks.

if there is a specific pose you're looking for that's not listed in the store, leave a comment, or email me. i'm happy to customize a design for you!