i'm smitten over smitten kitchen—my new favorite food blog that a friend recommended to me. her recipes are so creative. and don't get me started on her photography. all of the pictures she takes and posts make me want to eat my computer screen!

this photo below is my attempt at her shaved asparagus pizza...

i don't have much time for cookin' these days since i'm focused on finishing grad school this summer. but this recipe was so tempting that one sunny sunday afternoon i made the pizza...and from scratch to boot! and boy oh boy was it was delicious! who would have thought to shave asparagus?

i ended up using a different recipe for the pizza crust then the one she suggests. i wanted a whole wheat dough. so i went with this one from eating well and added some fresh herbs from the garden. it made enough for a few more pizzas, so i froze the rest to use for a later date.

her blog is definitely worth checking out. right now i'm drooling over her chocolate doughnut holes...


a tale of 2 farm shares.

i'm so excited to share with you all a little project that i've been working on for a friend and her girlfriend. they asked me to help them design a template for their blog, a tale of 2 farm shares. you can view the design and their blog here: http://twofarmshares.blogspot.com

denise and ruth, the authors of a tale of 2 farm shares are two amazingly skilled women who are fabulous cooks! i encourage you all to follow them over the next 20 weeks to see how they figure out how to put to use the farm shares that they've purchased to feed their families.

i am certain that you will not only find some very delicious and very creative recipes on their blog, but you will also enjoy their commentary and humor as they figure out what to do with some of the wildest of vegetables!