it's so wonderful to write whatever i feel like writing... cafe taber has served me well thus far. even though i haven't been posting as much as i'd like to, i really see this space as my own. i feel so free to write what's on my mind. i love it. just a few days ago, i finished my essay for graduate school and submitted my application. seriously, admissions essays are a disaster. i found it so difficult to articulate my thoughts about why i want to pursue a master's degree. i really agonize over my writing. i want it to be perfect, which i know is hard to do even for the most skillful writers and journalists out there. revise, revise, revise. regardless, i'm very hard on myself in this area. i think that' partly why i started a blog. i thought that if i have a place that i can write and express my thoughts freely, that i would feel more comfortable with it.

anyhow, this fall i'll be forced to work on my writing even more. i'll be taking two courses, which will require lots of reading and lots of writing. ugh! research papers! no fun. but it will be good for my brain. i've been away from the classroom for eight years now. i'm so excited to learn more about the field i'm in, and to be able to apply what i learn immediately to my projects at work. i must admit, though, that i'm a little anxious about balancing work, school, and my free time (if i will have any). but i know i'll get through it.

class of 2010 baby!

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