three years.

on monday i celebrated with my boyfriend (and my sister - i'll explain below) our three year anniversary, of dating that is. he surprised me with the most beautiful bouquet of roses!! what a gentleman.

it was a full moon the night i first met him. i dragged my sister with me on this "blind date" because i was so so nervous to meet this guy that my aunt (and godmother) had so kindly set me up with. honestly, i still can't believe my sister agreed to come with me.

when we walked in the front door of the local neighborhood bar that we were meeting at, there he was! i remember seeing his smile and then my heart start POUNDING! he knew it was me because i told him i would be wearing a turquoise jacket. but with my sister right next to me, i think he was a little confused because he was not expecting a twosome blind date! the three of us sat at this little table, and well, had "our" first date together.

three years later, and we're still together!

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