visual aesthetics.

this is certainly not a work of art, but it's the result of what i created in my first visual aesthetics class on saturday. i discovered that adobe photoshop has zillions and zillions of brushes to chose from! it's quite overwhelming actually. but i've learned so much already.

my assignment for the next class is to replicate a wassily kandinsky painting in photoshop. i chose the one below. so far, i'm making good progress. i'll post the my final version later this week.

i actually want to redesign the cafe taber banner up top now that i'm acquiring new photoshop skills. i'd love to hear suggestions from you on images, colors, fonts, etc. leave a comment below!


  1. what's the date of this Kandinsky watercolor?

  2. Hi John - this painting by Kandinsky, titled Color Studies, was done in 1927. I hope this helps!