one week!

a short post here...

writing my LAST paper for grad school tonight! yippee!! i definitely won't miss you footnotes...or citations. i've enjoyed you for the past two years, but it's time for you to go!

as i mentioned in a previous post, i'll be back here full-time in a few weeks sharing all sorts of goodies. but until then i'll be catching up on some much needed sleep and spending some much needed quality time with my family and friends. 

oh, but wait, i should mention a fun little project that i will be taking part in over at a tale of two farm shares... i'll be guest blogging for a week (8/15-8/22) while denise, one of the authors, is away getting her own R&R. so if you're interested in seeing what i do with a weeks worth of vegetables from the farm, hop on over there for a visit and check out my posts.

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