baby knits.

it's kind of ironic that i love to knit baby items given that i do not have children of my own. but i find so much joy and satisfaction in knitting such soft, small objects. i've been knitting for almost three years now, and most of my projects are baby-related. i've fallen in love with debbie bliss yarn as well as her patterns. this striped hat is my most recent item that i made for my friend's newborn, noah. he was the lucky little guy that got that blue debbie bliss sweater on the right, too. but the striped hat was a creation of my own...sort of. i took a debbie bliss pattern and just altered it to include the stripes. i also added the little topper to the hat. i really love the red and light blue together. i find myself liking red and blue lately. or red and turquoise.


i have more baby knits in the hopper. but i'm trying to finish another knitting project that i started (don't all knitters have a million projects going at once?). a dear friend sent me this amazing alpaca yarn and a pattern to go with it so i can knit something for myself. it's always so easy to knit for others and forget about yourself. gosh, i need to remember my affirmation card from yesterday -- self-love...self-care...

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  1. Noah loves his new hat and gets many compliments when we go out! I can't wait until his matching sweater fits.