bye bye nashua! i had an eventful weekend of moving, loading, and unloading. i said goodbye to my parents and the house that i grew up in for almost half of my life. today they begin the very first days of their retirement. they are florida bound!

my father packed the u-haul on saturday, that mind you i drove solo across several states, with so much care. not one thing moved around when i reached my final destination.

inside this u-haul were boxes of old memories (yes - i still have love notes from elementary school), family heirlooms, beds, and even a wheel barrow!

i have to admit, it was sad to say goodbye to my parents and to know that we won't be celebrating holidays, birthdays, etc. in new england anymore. but as the quote up on the top of my blog says, "when you are through changing, you are through." so here's to change! or as my sister would say, "here's to new beginnings!"

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