i'm living in a sea of boxes right now. every time i walk through my living room, i'm reminded of all of the to do's on my list, one of which is sifting through everything...old stuffed animals, dolls, love letters, childhood artwork, etc. i need to find a place for all this stuff in my apartment. i need to get organized.

i finally tackled one box and found these beautiful smocks that i used to put on my dolls. the most beautiful part of it all is that when my sister and i were little we used to wear these dresses (or smocks as the labels say). i think they're called that because they button in the back. after all of these years stored up in an attic, there wasn't one sign of aging. all they needed was a little hand washing and a quick dry on the clothes line.

i know these dresses will be worn again some day. i can imagine one little girl wearing one of these dresses and running through the grass so freely. barefoot.

speaking of little girls...my dear friend just gave birth yesterday to a little girl. abigail sawyer. she is the most adorable newborn baby girl i've ever laid eyes on. look at those little plump lips of hers!

there's nothing sweeter than little girls. it's time to get my knitting needles out. something pink is on the way for miss abby....

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