what could be better than spending a weekend with your girlfriends picking apples, baking apple crisp, drinking wine, and chatting until the wee hours of the morning?

it was so nice to spend some time with my ladies (and one gentleman pictured below). i needed to take a break from this insanely busy life that i'm now leading. i took this picture below of my dear friend MV and her son noah. he is the little boy for whom i made the light blue sweater for posted over in the right column. he was such a riot at the orchard.

we picked a lot of apples - probably too many. but you can never make enough apple crisp. i made two batches and it's all gone just after one day. must be a good sign.

ah! i love fall...

p.s. i just bought a new camera (yippee!). so you'll be seeing even more photos, possibly some more video, and even a little audio. so check back often!

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