new music - adele.

i realize that i have not posted about music on my blog. i sometimes wonder what life would be like without music - not very joyful, if you ask me. it feeds my soul whether i'm happy or blue.

i like so many different genres of music actually - reggae, jazz, r&b, disco, funk, to name a few. but there's a special place in my heart for bossa nova. i absolutely love the beat and the rhythm of this type of music.

i spent most of this evening, however, looking for new music on itunes (i know, i know, i should be doing grad school work -blah!), in the hopes to find something i've never heard before. and i was successful! i discovered this fabulous album by adele titled, 19.

i am definitely more likely to download a single song than a whole album from itunes, but this one is good from start to finish and worth the (very affordable) price of $7.99 on itunes. so i now own her complete album!

as i type this post, i'm listening to "right as rain" - a favorite. check out her profile on myspace to learn more about her and preview her tunes!

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