words as art.

i'm plugging away with my classes this semester - spending less time writing and more time creating, which is right up my alley!

i've posted a few examples of my work from my visual aesthetics class - the kandinsky replica and the yoga collage. and i wanted to share some more of my work. so it's time for another show-and-tell.

this time the assignment was to use nothing but letters and words to create an original image, or piece of art for that matter. we were allowed to incorporate color and stretch and warp the words. below is my masterpiece! can you guess what words i used repeatedly throughout the image? the answer is below...

turks & caicos

i created this from a picture i took when i was in the turks & caicos with a dear friend several years ago. i'm in love with the photo so much that i kindly requested my art teacher boyfriend to make me a painting of it, which is now hanging in my bedroom.

here's the original photo. in comparing the two again, i didn't do such a bad job afterall.

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