this is what i wish for...next week. i'm riding on a roller coaster lately. so many ups and downs with work, school, and life. i know that the ride will end before i know it and i will want to be back on it. :-) but for now, i really wish to enjoy some peace and quiet, some stillness. where and when i will find that, who knows. but i will.

last night, i was finishing up another project for my visual aesthetics class. i thought this class was going to be less stressful and more fun than my seminar class last semester, which was a lot of writing. but i'm finding that is not the case. i think part of that is due to the face that i'm both a procrastinator and a perfectionist. so i spend hours and hours on creating collages, replicas, whatever i'm assigned in class only to be dissatisfied with the end result. ok. maybe i'm really hard on myself and i need to relax a little...

anyhow, below i share with you my latest creation - a photo collage of my friend monica (you may have seen her photo in this post) who is a yoga instructor. she shared with me the saying, "know peace, know yoga. no peace, no yoga." and i love it! so i incorporated it into the collage. the images of her make up the sun salutation, which is a series of poses in yoga that warm the body and work the heart.

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