wooly pulleys.

before i explain what a wooly pulley is (for those of you who don't already know), i want to say how tickled i am by the number of responses that i have received for the yoga girl giveaway! you all sent in so many great sayings. i want to use them all!

for those of you who haven't submitted a response yet, you still have time. the giveaway will end midnight tonight. i'll post the winning quotes/sayings on monday night.

so you ask, "what is a wooly pulley??" well, it's obviously a knitted item as you can tell from the one i'm making below.

it's also something that is worn underneath a helmet, a helmet liner if you will. i've joined up with a few women to take part in operation helmet liner. we are knitting a bunch of these liners for the troops overseas who are subjected to sub-zero temperatures. it's actually been a pretty easy knit so far. and it's gotten me back into the knitting thing again. with school and all, i haven't had time to pick up needles in so long. it's also great to be knitting for a good cause!

i'm nearly done with the neck portion of the liner. then i'll be starting the head portion. if you are a knitter and want to make one, too, feel free to visit the operation helmet liner site to download the pattern and learn more about the project.

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