a new year's giveaway.

happy new year! to start off 2010 right, i thought i would offer a yoga girl giveaway!

over the past few weeks, i've been busy drawing new yoga girls poses (to be posted in the store soon!). and my intention is to include on the back of each yoga girl t-shirt, a quote that represents that particular yoga pose in some way. for example, the quotes on the back of the dancer yoga girl or the namaste yoga girl t-shirts.

so i am asking you to put your creative caps on and submit what YOU think would be the best sayings or quotes for these two poses:

headstand (adho mukha vrksasana)

cobra (bhujangasana)

submit your ideas by posting in the comment box below or via email at yogagirl@cafetaber.com

two winners will be chosen (one for each pose above) and will receive a free yoga girl t-shirt from the store!

:: the deadline is sunday, january 10 at midnight ::


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  1. Bliss Begins with Breath.

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