wooly pulley - part II.

knitting in the round! i'm knitting in the round folks!

or shall i say, i was knitting in the round. i finished the wooly pulley

many thanks to the very talented women that i work with who guided me throughout this knitting project. tomorrow i will add it to the collection of helmet liners that will be shipped off to the troops!

beyond acquiring new knitting skills through this project, i've also been able to donate my time and energy to a good cause, which at the end of the day truly feels so wonderful.

knitting this hat (if you want to call it that) has made me think even more about the "travels" of all of our knitting projects. dedicated knitters (and i know of a few of you out there that knit while they are in line at the bank :-) - eh em D.I.!!) know what it's like to take your knitting with you everywhere! this wooly pulley has been on trains, in cars, with me on my couch, at work, and next to my kitty izzy to name just a few places...

so i'm very delighted that it will one day soon be worn with lots of pride and joy...and appreciation for our country!

my schedule is jam packed over these next several weeks with work, school, yoga, family, friends, and, of course, the million other little projects i have committed to. but i'm excited for all that this next season (and semester!) holds.

so with that said, i will need to put down my knitting needles for a little while...so i can focus on finishing my master's program (five months and counting!). i will, however, have more yoga girl updates and designs that i will be posting soon. so check back often! 

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  1. Good Luck with finishing your Master's Program and I love the color of your hat! I love to knit too. Thank