10 thoughts.

1 :: find a few minutes each day to completely unplug.

2 :: giving to others is the most powerful thing we can do for ourselves.

3 :: see physical fitness as a practice, not a goal.

4 :: make it a point to heed your need for solitude.

5 :: the secret to beautiful skin starts with what you put inside your body.

6 :: try doing even the menial tasks mindfully and with grace.

7 :: the quality of your connections with other people will carry you further than you think.

8 :: just because a no-frills home remedy is simple doesn't mean it won't work.

9 :: if you want to eat healthier, try giving yourself the benefit of better choices.

10 :: home isn't a place. it's a state of mind.

from the nov. 2009 issue of body + soul


  1. what a great post! thanks for sharing.

  2. amy!! glad you liked it as much as i did. :-) xoxo

  3. Hi Cafe Taber so nice to connect with you and thank you for visiting me! Nice post just what I needed to read on a Friday ;-) Thank you for sharing...

  4. First time visiting this site for me...love it!!! Peace.

  5. To add to #5 :: the secret to beautiful skin starts with what you put inside your body...

    Yes, it is important to nurture our bodies from the inside, out. But think about the lotions, perfumes, deoderants, etc that you use- and the amount of chemicals in them. These toxins are soaked up by your largest organ- the skin. I encourage you to only put products on your body that you would be willing to eat, such as coconut oil. Nurture and love your body, everyone!

  6. Hi! :-)

    Great thoughts!

    Have a beautiful day and take care!

    Peace* Mel

  7. Love these. Thanks for the reminder.

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