my purple shamrock.

i had only heard of green shamrocks until a recent road trip with a friend led me to this beauty in a greenhouse. she (yes, it's a she!) seems to be doing very well by the window in my kitchen.

i'm amazed that she's still alive and that my cat, izzy, hasn't chewed off any leaves yet. i don't think izzy is a fan of the shamrock as much as i am.

i'm hoping to have more of a green thumb this summer so i can plant some herbs, both inside and outside.  until then, i'm content on just admiring my purple shamrock... 

p.s. i would LOVE and appreciate any recommendations for websites and/or books about growing your own herbs. i'm currently reading, edible herbs, a book that i got with a friend. but i'm on the hunt for more resources. so send me your suggestions!

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  1. Love the purple shamrocks! Never heard of the before.