my happy place.

my yoga instructor often tells us in class when we're in a difficult pose to go to "our happy place." and every time she says that, i always seem to have a difficult time imagining where that "happy place" is exactly. maybe it's because at that very moment the intensity of the pose, the stretching of my muscles, etc. is completely taking over every thought in my head.

so i decided to do a little post-yoga-class-homework to figure out where "my happy place" is (aside from my my yoga mat) and what it looks like. and interestingly enough, i discovered that i have many "happy places." in fact, so many that i am only sharing a few with you here...

my pad (especially at christmas time when i have a tree to admire!)

on my bike (street name "electra")

in the arms of loved ones

in the kitchen (baking up some kind of sweet treat!)

watching a new england sunset by the water (with my sister!)

and discovering *new* places!

where is your happy place (or places)?  share in the comments below!

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  1. the beach is my happy place, looking out at the ocean and thinking about all of life's possibilities!