my yoga story project.

holy cow! it's september already! where did the summer go?

well, actually i know where it went...at least for me, my time this summer was spent here: http://myyogastory.com

i'm so very proud to share with you the fruits of my labor from the last several months of my master's program...My Yoga Story Project.
i could go on and on about the details of the project here, and i might just do that one day soon because the process that i went through, from conception to implementation, is worth a post in and of itself. but i won't do that now. for now, i want you to hop on over to the site http://myyogastory.com and spend some time reading the yoga stories. and, yes, these are REAL stories of people whose lives have changed from practicing yoga.

my hope is that through this project people who may be reluctant, afraid, or even skeptical about trying yoga, will see the amazing benefits yoga can have on the mind, body, and spirit.

and for those of you who already practice yoga, share your story and inspire others to try yoga!

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