link love.

i stumble across so many interesting blogs, articles, and websites everyday that i think are worth of sharing with you. so here is the first of what will be a weekly post of links i love.

:: y is for yogini ::

{image: y is for yogini}

y for yogini is one of my favorite yoga blogs. check out her post about SYB's, secret yoga behaviors. i chuckled over her "meows" and "moos" when in cat and cow pose the other night when i was doing yoga. i'm not sure what my syb is... do you have one?

:: wee people ::

{image: wee people}

check out wee people, a new line of clothes for girls made by the folks of free people. aren't these wooly mammoth booties so adorable?

:: diy photo calendar ::

{image: cafe taber + shutter sisters calendar template}

i love, love, love the shutter sisters. hop on over to their blog for this diy cd photo calendar for 2011. i made one for myself using some of my favorite photos. the month of may is a favorite so far.

:: 30 days of creations ::

{image: variations on normal by dominic wilcox}

dominic wilcox, artist, designer, inventor and ‘thinkeruper’ (i think that's my new favorite word!) who works with everyday objects, did this super interesting creative challenge. for 30 days in a row he made something creative. check out his 30 days of speed creating posts. the pencil shelf is quite clever and colorful!

:: cookies ::

{image: orangette}

i'm feeling under the weather today. and while i don't have the appetite to eat anything these whole wheat chocolate chip cookies from a favorite food blog of mine, orangette, look soooooooooo yummy! i'm all for using whole wheat flour whenever possible.

so what links do you love? share them in the comments below!

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