link love.

a little link love on this lovely friday morning. i'm headed up north to visit two of my dear girlfriends tomorrow. i hope you all have a great weekend!

:: pumpkin rice pudding + recycled crayons

i recently came across a new food blog that i love, not without salt. the photos she takes and posts to her blog are what some people might refer to as food porn. i've got my eye (and stomach!) set on making her pumpkin rice pudding.

{image: not without salt}
she also loves crayons (she is a mother of three!) and had this nifty idea of melting old broken crayon pieces in a muffin tin to create a whole new type of crayon! such a great way to reuse and recycle.

{image: not without salt}

:: oh, sacred yoga mat

i'm admitting right here on cafe taber that after trying out two new yoga mats recently, i'm still in LOVE with my cheapy teal yoga mat from t.j.maxx. i really tried to love the other two. i did. but practicing yoga on them felt nothing like being on my very first mat, which is now so weathered and dirty that i feel embarrassed to bring it into a yoga studio.

i never thought i would become so attached to a piece of rubber (or whatever it's made of). but after reading y is for yogini's post about her yoga mat principles and practices i feel much more at ease and less inclined to ditch my filthy mat. i mean, seriously, she treats her mat like it's a person! chauffeuring it around town in her back seat and giving it regular baths. i love it!

:: yokoo gibran

i had one of these around my neck yesterday. 

{image: yokoo gibran}

a co-worker bought two of yokoo gibran's cowls from her etsy store. you may have read about yokoo in the new york times last year here. her cowls are so soft to the touch and feel amazing around the neck. i would seriously consider wearing one to bed.  i'm also convinced that they would make nice neck pillows while flying.

:: free holiday wi-fi from 30,000 feet

and speaking of flying...for those of you traveling this holiday season (soon i'll be making my way down south to st. augustine, florida and then out west to san diego before christmas), you should take advantage of the free holiday wi-fi offer from google. access your email, social media sites, and cafe taber (wink, wink!) way up there in skies...for free! of course this offer is limited to certain airlines so check out the google blog for more info.


  1. Hey you! Thanks for the shout-out. I'm digging your blog and I HAVE to make those kick-ass crayons. Also found you on Twitter and sent you a follow request. :) xoxox

  2. you are MOST welcome! i love your blog! in fact a bunch of yoginis that i practice with at yogabody studio in hamden, ct LOVE your blog, too! your posts are often the topic du jour during a core class where we have to hold a 3-minute plank! yikes! so keep your insightful and hilarious posts coming! and it's great to connect with you. namaste!