the ugly scarf.

i picked up the scarf i've been knitting for my sister last night. i've been working on this one for over a year now. will i ever finish it? ha! this scarf has taken on a life of it's own. at first, i really loved the yarns i chose. an army green dread-like yarn and a beautiful skein of green hemp. very fitting for my sister who lives in the lovely town of burlington, vermont. but now i'm second guessing my choices. my sister has already seen it and refers to it as the ugly scarf. this poor scarf. already disliked by it's future owner. maybe when i'm finished with it, and add the fringe, it will look different. and she will like it. we will see...

lots on my "to do" list for knitting. something for baby perkins. a hat for matthew allen. my shrug. finish scarf for molly. scarf for mama.

sometimes i wish i could just knit for a living. now that's an idea...

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  1. dear sister, i love my ugly scarf. it's ugly in a very chic sort of way. ooooh i have a knitting idea for you...i'll tell you later. xoxo