you're probably wondering why i titled this post "mock-doc-gock." well, let me explain.

you see when my sister (pictured below) and i were little, we could never understand what our parents were saying, sort of like how all of the adult voices in charlie brown are muffled, that's how we heard our parents. we (maybe more me than my sister) wanted so badly to talk like them and have adult conversations, but we didn't know how to say the fancy words they were exchanging, never mind understand what they actually meant.

so we made up the word, mock-doc-gock. we would say it to eachother back and forth several times as though we were having a very important and mature conversation with each other, and we would laugh so hard until our bellies hurt. oh, to be a kid again...

p.s. the image above is of my sister when she was wee-little, before i was even a thought in my parents mind.

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