i love white. i love white. i love white. did you know that i love white? seriously, i really do love and appreciate the color white. from white furniture to white jeans to white towels to white candles. i love to surround myself (as much as I can) with white. one day i want to have an all white room in my house. now whether that actually comes to fruition is another question. nonetheless, it's fun to imagine what the room would look like.

anyhow, i was reading the latest issue of women's health magazine today and was delighted to find an article entitled, reasons to wear white. so in support of my passion for white, i wanted to share the reasons right here on my blog and invite you all to incorporate a little bit of white into your lives.

:: reasons to wear white ::

1 :: what better way than to show off your curves?

2 :: it toes the line between sultry and sweet

3 :: it's hard to screw up

4 :: it gives instant polish

5 :: it's like having your own personal spotlight

and the best reason of all...

6 :: because black is for wusses!

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