what i'm wearing.

i love how one pearl button shares the details of her outfits every week. not only is she an amazing crafter, but she's got a fabulous sense of style. i especially love how she layers tights! i'll definitely try that soon...

anyhow, i thought i would join in on the fun and post the details of what i was wearing the other day. doing this sort of audit of your outfits is kind of cool.

:: scarf :: a gift from my cousin over at thistle downs wool design
:: shirt :: from the organic cotton line at wal-mart
:: skirt :: converse, courteously of target
:: leggings :: urban outfitters
:: boots :: frye purchased from rue la la
:: bracelet :: handmade decoupage bracelet, inspiration from one pearl button


  1. Cute outfit! I love the colors, and those boots (swoon!). The bracelet is also fabulous, hehe.