sew-a-long, week one.

after a week away in the sunshine state visiting the 'rents for the holiday, i'm back home settling in and trying to focus on all of the things that need my attention over these next few weeks before classes end and christmas arrives, one of which is the sew-a-long that i'm taking part in via one pearl button.

our first assignment was to download the pattern of the item we're making, which is a fabulous reusable grocery bag from burdastyle, and then tape the pattern pieces together.

we also had to find a 3/4 yard of fabric for our bag (this was the fun part!) that would be durable enough yet flexible enough so this bag can easily be stashed in one's purse. so in line with this whole reuse/recycle kick i've been on lately, i decided to use fabric from some large old pillowcases that i had saved from my grandmother's house. i don't remember exactly where the fabric was originally purchased. i think it was a williamsburg print. but when we were moving her out of her house a few years ago, i couldn't bear to see these go. so i saved them.

luckily, i have three large pillowcases...enough fabric for this project in case i should need more. :-) i'm excited to see how this bag turns out. but what i'm even more excited about is to get reacquainted with my sewing machine. more soon...


  1. Yay, your fabric is great!

  2. LOVE the fabric! looks like this will be awesome!