my diversion.

i should be doing work for grad school. but, i diverted to creating, yet another, decoupage bracelet, for a dear friend of mine who is moving to arizona this week.

i caught myself staring at the HUGE stack of magazines that i save for these bracelets that i love making so much in my kitchen. so i was forced :-) to take a break from my studies to be crafty for a bit.

(notice the beginning of a new collection of mine in the background...oil lanterns. i love them!)

now, that i've mastered the art of making these fabulous, eco-friendly items, it was a quick, and easy thing to create.

the bracelet in the picture above is one i made recently for myself. if i had it my way, i'd have a million of these to wear! i just think they are so stylish and such a great way to reuse/recycle old magazines that you have laying around.

i hope my girlfriend likes the one i made for her...i'll post pictures when it's done...and dry!

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  1. Hey Taber! I saw your post on facebook about your cousins jewelry which is gorgeous by the way, and anyway it reminded me of your blog that I somehow knew of long ago and the clever name was memorable! You have such creative family members, including yourself!!! LOVE the bracelet!!! You should start selling them and I will buy one!
    Hope you are well!