"breathe through your feet!"

this is what my yoga instructor (and dear friend!) said during the vinyasa class she was leading at her studio the other day. and it got me thinking differently about my own breath.

if you actually take the time to visualize inhaling new oxygen or renewed energy through the crown of your head all the way to the soles of your feet as you practice yoga or if you don't practice yoga you can visualize this while you are standing in the shower or even walking around, you just might discover (the way i did the other day) an opening of sorts in your body...and a whole new way to manage the flow of your own breath.

on this same note, i realized after taking this picture on my way to work this morning...

...that, for some odd reason, i take a lot of pictures of feet!

so i thought i would share a few favorites from my photo archives.

(it's important to note that not everyone or every culture has the same playful approach to feet as i do. in fact, in thailand, feet are considered not only the lowest part of the body physically, but also symbolically. they are dirty with the earth and dust. on the other hand, they perceive the head to be the most sacred and highest part of the body. and therefore do not touch the head of another. so with that said, i respect all of the different meanings and interpretations of feet.)

:: on a bench ::

 :: by candlelight ::

 :: in the caribbean ::

 :: on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower ::

:: in my apartment :: 

:: at a football game ::

:: at the beach ::


  1. My boyfriend and I take a picture of our feet every time we go to a new place. I always thought it was cool; I have tons of pictures of our feet on different parts of the country.

  2. corey, what a wonderful idea! our feet work so hard for us each and every day. and take such a beating. it's nice to appreciate them! i would love to see some of your feet pictures. :-)

  3. So great - I always try to remember to appreciate humble feet!

  4. So inspirational! Our feet (and our hands!) are our work horses..

  5. Thought this was insightful - our feet carry us through all of the tender moments of our day...Very inspirational. I'll be posting a link to this blog post on my innerpeace blog.