my granny.

this is my granny. she will be 98 years old soon...april 1st!

i visited her today. we ate chocolates. drank coffee. did our nails. shared stories. laughed. and hugged and kissed. she is a woman of so much strength and will, both of which i admire so much.

i was wearing my sunglasses when i first walked in to her room today and she asked to put them on. and boy can she rock these sunglasses. i think i'll have to get her a pair for her birthday in april.


  1. how cute! what style! must run in the family ;)

  2. This photo looks like something off of a hallmark greeting card!

    Love the blog! :)

  3. pavin - thanks for the kind words! i love your blog, too! i enjoyed reading your posts about yoga and the one about elizabeth gilberts new book. i have that one on my list to read next.

  4. oops! forgive me. i meant to type "parvin" not "pavin" :-)