homemade valentine.

homemade valentines are by far the best type of valentine to receive. some of my best memories from when i was a child was crafting with my mom. she would always have us making things at the kitchen table, especially homemade greeting cards.

i came across this homemade valentine that i made for my great aunt when i was a little girl. it's nothing but a simple piece of construction paper, and pieces of fabric cut into heart shapes. i must have picked out the fabric but let my mom do the cutting. :-)

even though valentine's day is just a two days away, you still have time to make your loved one a homemade card. here are a few last-minute ideas for you:

block print valentines
hand-stitched valentines
necktie valentines
yes, it's true, a homemade valentine made from onions!
and my favorite...a pop-up valentine's day card

also, if you would prefer to not make a card, check out this adorable tutorial on a jar of hearts. such an easy and unique way to express your love!

 photo credit :: craftzine blog

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