i'm a soupee! i love soup. and so does soup girl, a new cart that i've discovered near where i work. she loves soup just as much (if not more than) i do!

my favorite soup is roasted butternut squash (pictured above).  but i also enjoy lentil, black bean, and tomato.

for my web programming class, we had to create a recipe page demonstrating all that we've learned so far. so, naturally, i created a soup page! it's very simple in terms of look and feel. but i kid you not this page took me several hours to hand code. i definitely appreciate the lovely wysiwyg editor i use for this blog so much more now.  

p.s. the form at the bottom of the recipe page doesn't work. that's something that i'll be learning more about in a future module of the course.


  1. I love the soup girl too! Although, I think she moved! :(

  2. That looks so tasty!...and I don't even like squash!