goddess of illumination.

this morning i picked this affirmation card: goddess of illumination. i am flexible and can adapt to the challenges of our modern age.

the card says:

"use this gift when information overload, constant change, and other aspects of the rapid pace of modern life threaten to overwhelm you. modern 'conveniences' have eliminated the cushion of time necessary to properly absorb and consider information and concepts. to achieve true knowledge and wisdom, you must take time each day for quiet reflection."

boy, my first day back to work was all about rapid pace. it was so busy, i barely had time to take my advil nevermind eat my lunch. i think i should have stay home one more day. my ribs and back have been used to the recline mode. so sitting up right in my office chair was not pleasant by any means.

i think i need to take time tonight for some "quiet reflection." no tv. no computer. no phone.

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