martha, martha, martha. oh, wait. that's marsha, marsha, marsha. ha! well, regardless, i have martha on the mind. want to know why? because i just received confirmation today that i will be one of fourteen peeps to have a private tour of martha stewart living omnimedia by the chief creative officer, gael towey, at the end of this month. yup! i'm going to see the behind the scenes of martha's empire. how cool!!!! you may be wondering how this opportunity came to be. well, i will tell you. you see, i have a very cool boss who suggested that i attend this business and design conference in new york city in a few weeks. so i registered for it a few months ago. but not knowing that this special tour would be offered to a select group of registrants. it's so exciting! this will be a great networking opportunity for me. i promise to provide an update post-conference. i wonder if i will get to meet her...

oh, i should also mention that my sister's godfather works for the martha stewart show. so i'm planning to meet up with him as well. and just yesterday i received the latest issue of her magazine, which i just adore. life works out in mysterious ways...


  1. TD wool design4/22/08, 6:55 PM

    congrats to you! very exciting. always such cool doings in the family. let us in on it all (if you're allowed) when you can! have a great time :)

  2. can you get me some good stock tips while your there?