happy spring.

there's nothing better than the change in seasons. i just absolutely love it. i can always find a reason to embrace winter, spring, summer, and fall.

saturday was a gorgeous spring day here. so sunny and warm. i woke up and headed off to meet a friend for breakfast before we began our morning's worth of tag sale hunting. boy did we score some good finds. below are two necklaces i got for $3 each. they've already been tagged as favorites. :-)

another great find were these vintage aprons. i bought three for $5. what a deal!

(the pink one above is reversible!)

i really want to learn how to make my own, but i need to learn how to sew first. my aunt gave me a sewing machine and taught me how to thread it, but i need to put it to use once and for all.

in addition, to the necklaces and aprons, i also acquired a spinning scrabble board ($5) and a cast iron pan, already seasoned ($1). so all in all, it was a successful day of tag sale hopping.

when i got home, i took one look around my apartment and decided it was time for some change...and major spring cleaning. so i spent most of my sunday afternoon rearranging furniture, scrubbing floors, and doing laundry. tonight, i've tasked myself with putting my winter clothes away. no more turtlenecks. ah....spring really is here...


  1. TD wool design4/17/08, 6:41 AM

    OK. The total Lightfeet gene there! What a haul! you did great girl! uncle jim would be ever so proud :) such pretty things. i'm a bit jealous! ps. AB loves Quinn. stopped on tuesday.

  2. i loooove love love those aprons! it is a gift you have to score such great finds at a tag sale!