ouch! and my couch.

here's where i've been camped out for the past four days. i fell down my stairs over the weekend and bruised my ribs. not fun!

advil every 4-6 hours, per the doctor's orders, and lots of TLC from my mom has helped me through it all. i've been forced into pure relaxation, which has been nice, despite the pain. i've literally just been lying on my couch surfing the web, reading my favorite blogs, (one being my cousin's blog, Thistle Downs wool design - p.s. she makes amazing felted handbags that you have to check out! my favorite one is called gammy), and watching lots of daytime television. i forgot how many cool talk shows on are during the day.

tonight, i'm going rest up some more and prepare myself for my first day back at work this week. i have a lot of catching up to do.

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  1. TD wool design4/3/08, 1:10 PM

    oh, you're sweet. thanks. hope you are mending well. take it easy your first day back.
    do i see bits of ikea there?