clam bake.

my sister and i gave ourselves the best pedicures last night (another way that i celebrated spring this weekend). we both opted for the essie color called, clam bake. it's a beautiful reddish orange that looks good on your toes with or without a tan.

we were total girly-girls and also gave ourselves facials and watched the best movie of all time, dirty dancing. :-) my sister and i both agreed that it was so much different to watch it now that we're older. there are so many issues the movie touches upon that we never really absorbed when we were younger. social status. infidelity. womanhood. abortion. father/daughter relationships. just to name a few. but putting that aside, it still has some of the best love scenes of all time. and the music is unforgettable. and i'd like to know who doesn't get goosebumps at the end of the movie when "baby" is lifted in the air by "johnny"???

anyhow, another lovely weekend spent with my sister. i was sad to see her leave tonight. but i'm hoping to get back up to burly-town in a few weeks. in the mean time, i will continue to celebrate the change in season by admiring my white tulips and freshly painted toes!

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  1. lovely tootsies! anna and i just said the other day that we need to watch DD. so funny. we love that movie :) glad you had a good weekend.