il bel far niente.

i'm reading "eat, pray, love" and savoring every page. it's a wonderful book so far. last night i was reading the passage where she talks about how americans have the inability to relax into sheer pleasure. that our nation is an entainment-seeking one not a pure pleasure-seeking one. and i find this to be true. especially with myself. i'm always on the go. finding it difficult to really just relax. relax in silence. no tv. no cellphone. no ipod.

in italy, the country that she's currently visiting, they have this expression, "il bel far niente" which means the beauty of doing nothing. if you really think about it, il bel far niente is the reward for working so hard in our jobs. the final accomplishment for doing a job well done. yet, i find it difficult to enjoy doing nothing. another area that i need to work on...

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  1. So glad you found the blog thing. I love it. You will be added to my fav list if that's OK? (Anna is reading this book right now, then I hope to)I've enjoyed your posts. Have fun with it. I have found i can't be as honest as I'd like because I use mine as a business type link. Maybe i need another :) That would use up too much of my knitting time! hugs. Sarah