i come from a family of scrabble players. my two older cousins are seriously expert players. they've taught me well. so last week, i thought it would be fun to play with my boyfriend. he had never played before, so i had to teach him all of the rules, which of course he thought i was making up as we went along. so not true! i'm such an honest, and fair person.

anyhow, i was ahead by a significant amount. he had my laptop right by his side and was on scrabble.com trying to generate words, which i must admit, i did once. and found this word that used a good number of my letters. wight. have you ever heard of that word? the definition is a living thing. anyhow, after i placed those letters down, he pulled out of his hat primero. what the heck kind of word is that?

then i wondered, isn't scrabble a game to be played based on what you know up there in your noggin? i mean, everyone can pick up a dictionary, or go online and look up their letters to win. but there's something about playing the game based on your own knowledge of the english language. i'm sure this is debatable. but come on! primero????

needless to say, my boyfriend ended up winning in the end. i was left with quite a few consonants, including a couple q's, worth 10 points each. i can still hear him laughing at me after i lost...


  1. TD wool design3/21/08, 11:21 AM

    yes. it's supposed what you know, not what you look up :) i have a husband who thinks a dictionary came with the board. isn't that semi-cheating? tee hee!
    enjoy your weekend. happy easter to sisters and family!

  2. I wasn't laughing at you. I had such fun playing it with you and am so thankful that you showed me scrabble :) Don't forget to tell everybody that we have since modified the rules!