in the latest issue of SELF magazine (yes, i'm a magazine junkie), there's an article called, "Let Yourself Go!" which discusses how to be happy without being perfect. is that possible? i'm certainly not perfect by any means. but for some reason i have in my head that perfect=happiness. why? where did i get this idea from?

the article includes a quiz, which of course i had to take in hopes to learn more about this whole concept of perfectionism...

first question: are you beating yourself up about your body? after reading that question i think to myself, what person on this earth doesn't do this? whether you're male or female? whether your thin or your overweight? we all strive for a healthy and toned body right? i don't think there's a day that goes by that i don't "should" all over myself. i should eat better. i should go runnung. i should lift weights.

second question: are you too meticulous at home? ok. so maybe i am some of the time. but not all of the time. i do recognize that i need organization in my life in order to feel in control. otherwise, i find it difficult to focus, whether that be at home or at work.

third question: do you like things to go super smoothly at work? YES! i get very anxious when a problem arises or i make a mistake. or if a superior is critical of my work. but i realize that i can't let that upset me. i need to learn from the criticism, the problems, and keep moving forward. but it's so much easier said than done.

fourth, and final, question: do you expect relationships to be problem-free? YES! although, i'm learning that in a healthy relationship disagreements are ok and normal. and that i can't blame myself if something goes wrong. i tend to do that...

after taking the quiz, my results reveal that i expect perfectionism in some, but not all, areas of my life. and that tendency probably impedes on my ability to be happy...some of the time. it's difficult for me to accept failings in myself and in others. and i do become frustrated when my standards aren't met by others. so i have some work to do. but i'm enlightened, to say the least... i suppose i need to do what the article says, "let myself go!"

p.s. while we're on the topic of perfectionism, i should mention that kelly ripa is the cover model for this month's issue.

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  1. what you wrote about perfectionism really hits home. i, too fret about issues at work, little issues. and i often ask myself how to transform into one of 'those' people who thrive on challenges at work..great writing miss t keep it up!!